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Mom| Aspiring Cybersecurity Professional | Tedx Speaker| Social Entrepreneur

Don’t be afraid to give your dream a try. Even if you fail, give it another try and several more until you excel. Success always comes from the willingness to never stop trying.

Ever since I transitioned into cybersecurity, I have a lot of people reach out to me trying to find out how they can get into cybersecurity, and most of them don’t have a technical background which they sometimes think puts them at a disadvantage. Cybersecurity is so much more than just hacking and breaking stuff, so I thought I would write a piece on this.

It doesn’t…

Finding a job that is a good fit is as much about you selecting the right company as it is about them selecting the right candidate.”

One of the most exciting challenges in anyone’s professional’s career is interviewing and maybe starting a new job, but I have to admit the process of getting the job can also be incredibly stressful and demanding especially as a parent.

Ever since I decided to transition into cybersecurity, I knew at some point I would have to start interviewing for an entry-level position, and giving my experience from the past, I have always been…

Two years ago Facebook had the greatest breach according to Alon Gal, a CTO of cybersecurity Hudson Rock security firm. 533 million Facebook users had their personal information leaked. The leak was discovered in January when the Facebook technical team was correcting certain vulnerabilities; the attackers had gotten access and scrapped information of the phone numbers, and addresses of the users.

On 23rd March 2021, California State Controller’s office experienced a phishing attack, where an employee clicked on a malicious liked and logged into a fake website thus granting a hacker access to their email account. …

Have you heard about the new social network application called Clubhouse? Well it’s an exclusive invite-only audio-based social network that was launched during the pandemic in March 2020 when we all had to social distance and traveling was banned for people across the world, the application was created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth,

It’s the new app that everyone is currently going crazy for(myself included, but it’s not a reason enough to buy a new iPhone),

So how does the Clubhouse app work? Well, a user can join an existing ‘room’ or create their own rooms, and you can…

Hope for the best…But plan for the worst!

How would you react if you woke up one morning only to learn that your hosting provider had a major incident like a fire which led to their services being inaccessible to millions of users, and you were one of them? Well, that’s what happened to website owners at OVH which is the largest hosting provider in Europe and the third-largest in the world.

Just to give you an idea of how critical some websites were that went offline during the fire incident like online banks, webmail services, news sites, online shops…

Magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was studying for my Cybersecurity entry certification, while dealing with my three-year-old in the middle of a full pandemic going on, and I can promise you that there were days when I kept doubting if I could actually achieve any of my goals and I found myself constantly asking ‘’Can I really have it all?’’’

All mothers, or I should say all humans, know the struggles that come with…

There is this famous quote by Albert Einstein that I have referred to though the years, ‘If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new’. Trying something new sometimes means coming out of our comfort zone and facing our fears.

Have you ever found yourself being so afraid of doing something because you are too afraid of failing ? That you end up deciding not to try it at all ? Ever since childhood we have all dealt with the famous Fear Of Failing, or those tumbles and falls in our early adulthood and the truth is no one likes…

It’s really hard to believe that it’s already been 12 months since the start of the global pandemic, today we find ourselves spending more time online than ever before. Especially our children since schools across the world have gone remote. More than 1.5 billion students and youth across the planet are or have been affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are very fortunate to live in a time when digital tools allows us to keep sustaining some children’s rights to education through online access despite an ongoing global pandemic, unfortunately this tools also increases…

You are an essential ingredient in our ongoing effort to reduce CyberSecurity Risk

Last week, while going through my spam folder, I noticed my email address and a password that I had used in the past as the subject of a message. Curious, I decided to take a look at the email. The body of the email contained the following message, which to be honest had me laughing and worried at the same time.

Don’t just exist live get out there, explore & challenge yourself.

If like me you’ve been in quarantine since March due to the worldwide quarantine, you’re probably experiencing some cabin fever after staying indoors for almost a year. Having sat through endless Zoom meetings, you’ve probably caught up on enough sleep and binged more Netflix shows than you have ever in your entire life.

Millions of people worldwide are searching and learning new ways to stay entertained at home. Learning a new skill has proven to be a mental health and stress reduction. So I’ve compiled some suggestions to help…

Nadia Aimé

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